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Recent accomplishments of Ted's Students.

9 year old Luke Barbour having a great year
.  This was his first year playing tournaments.  He
 Luke played in the U S Kids Tour(Philadelphia Tour).  They play nine
holes.  He usually shoots in the 40’s(42,43,45,etc)  He had one or
two rounds that was 50 51.    Here is the page showing he
finished 4th in the points.  Top 5 kids get medals each week
and top five in points get glass trophy at end of season.  I think he is
improving each week.  He is pretty much with the best players up to the
green, there short games are better than Luke's at this point.  But I think
he can get there with your help.  If you want to use his videos on your
site go right ahead.  He enjoyed Saturday with everyone watching him. 
Thanks for your help.  I think he does pretty well for only playing a year.                                                                                                                                                  The kids he was playing against have played a lot longer than him. Thank you,  Dan

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