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Teacher and Coach 
My goal as a teacher is to help my students achieve a good, consistent shot.  The student must be committed to improve their game and take the necessary steps to get there. 

It is not an easy process, but with time and commitment anyone can learn.  To me being a good coach means, “…taking it to the course with confidence.”  And you can too!


Putting is 43% of scoring, ACCU - STROKE Putting Mirror is a dynamic, portable training aid that will improve your confidence and help develop excellent mechanics.

A - Aligns shoulders square.
B - Eyes over the ball.
C - Red & Blue tracks for Alignment & Path.
D - Putter head to RED for 10 feet and in.
E - Putter head to BLUE for 20 feet and in.
F - Four holes for placement of tees.
G - Instructional DVD .

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Custom Putting Green

Ted Sheftic Custom Putting Green, designed to putt fast & true.

Ted's Custom Putting Green is 12' by 4' long, has three cups 1 small, 1 medium, & 1 regulation size. Excellent for home use.


Spine Board

The Spine Board Will Help Address three major problems.

A. Prevents swaying on the back swing.
B. Will allow you to post up on your front side.
C. Maintains your spine angle throughout the swing.


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Recent Student News

Evan Greenplate IJGT Champion

 Posted 1 days ago
Winning by large margin was Evan Greenplate of York, Pa., in the Boys 14 & Under Division. Greenplate led round one by seven strokes before kicking off his round-two effort. He birdied the par-4 hole No. 1 before going on to add nine pars and a second birdie for a final-round score of 78.“All I was trying to do was sink putts and not get ahead of myself,” said Greenplate. He finished a tournament-total 157 highlighted by 19 total pars and three birdies.

Ryan Dornes Runner UP PIAA High School Championship

 Posted 1 days ago
Ryan Dornes scores 145 and lost in a 3 hole playoff.  Ryan finished 2nd place in PIAA High School State Championship.  Jack Reilly at 149 finished tied for 4th place. In PIAA double AA Nick Geiman finished at 3rd place and Freshman Joe Parrini tied for 6th place with a pair of 77's total 154.  All four students have had a great year. Congratulations Boys you all have developed solid fundamentals.  Ryan is on his way to Penn State on a Golf Scholarship, and Jake Reilly is on his way to Furman University in South Carolina also on a Golf Scholarship.

Brynn Walker wins PIAA State Title

 Posted 1 days ago
Brynn Walker fires 75 - 71 - 146 and Wins PIAA High School State Championship.  Congratulations Brynn.

Walker wins Girls Eastern Regional's

 Posted last week
Brynn Walker advances with a 1 under 70 at the Eastern regional's in Division III,  also advancing in Division II was Lauren Parrini who was RU with a 82.

Juniors Advance to States

 Posted last week
Freshman Joe Parrini 74 and Sister Lauren 82 advance to States. Also advancing to States Nick Geiman 77, Richard Riva 80 all in Division ll. Advancing in Division III Ryan Dornes 78, and Jake Reilly 78. Joe finished in 3rd place with his 74.  Lauren was 2nd with her 82.  Great Playing next on to the PIAA State Finals. Joe  Nick

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