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Terry Hashmato Bodi Traks Day with Ted & Mark

Meet the Sheftics and John Dunnigan

By BodiTrak Golf · Updated about 2 weeks ago
John Dunnigan was the 1st BodiTrak Customer in the United States - A year later he's ROCK SOLID confident about COP Training and Education. " Just gotta know how to use it Terry ! " John kept on telling me as he worked through his hectic schedule of non stop lessons !

I put in a full day of lessons with Ted Sheftic - Marks Father. At 70 years of age - the man had more flat wore me out ! Booked solid from 8 am - 5 pm for lessons - with everyone on the COP tracing for more balance and power. The energy of this guy !!

Meeting Mark Sheftic at Merion was a pure delight ! With his good friend Rick Flescher and again working one of Marks Students - all the pressure (no pun intended ! ) was on BodiTrak - IT EXCELLED !!!

Thanks to everyone - Amazing PA Adventure - I love Philly !!

Check out Casey !! Bring her to Canada for a visit Ted !!!

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