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Lancaster County Junior Golf Tour Hat trick sparks Will Riva to LCJGT win at Hawk Valley
Will Riva, a rising junior at Lancaster Catholic, opened the current Lancaster County Junior Golf Tour season with a victory at Overlook.After that tournament, he thanked his “lucky charm” — a white bucket hat that protects his pale skin, blonde hair and blue eyes from the sun.Riva, however, recently slept over at a friend’s house. But with Tuesday’s Golf, Etc., Lusk & Associates Junior at Hawk Valley drawing near, he realized there was something missing — his lucky charm.“I called him (and said), ‘Hey, I need you to bring that bucket hat. I need it,’ ” Riva said.When his friend arrived at Hawk Valley on Tuesday, Riva charged up to him and urgently asked, “Dude, you have my hat? I need it.”The exchange was made, and Riva was reunited with his lucky charm.Good thing, too. With the hat came Riva’s second LCJGT championship of the summer.After playing a stellar round of 36-37—73, Riva finished four strokes ahead of Ethan Cairns (39-38—77) and Patrick Neslund (36-41—77) for the crown.“To be honest, tee to green was the best I’ve ever played,” Riva said. “I hit 17 greens.”

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