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Dr Rob Neal & Ted at the Bridges with Students
 Joining Top 100 Teacher Ted Sheftic at Bridges this week was
world expert in golf biomechanics Dr. Robert Neal (Golf BioDynamics).  The
special annual event days see the two men working closely together using the
latest technology in golf instruction to bring about the best results for
students.  In the hands of an expert teachers, combining 3D swing
analysis, pressure traces, launch monitor data and video assists the diagnosis
of swing ailments and can speed up the rate of technical change; as well as
making for an exciting lesson experience.  The ability to assess the
physical status of the golfer is also addressed – does the swing fault have a
physical underpinning and thus would addressing this via exercises or drills
assist in moving the student along this technical pathway.  The answer is
often a resounding yes.  Robert has worked in the golf industry for over a
decade with some of the best teachers in the golf industry and with golfers of
all levels of ability.  This is the fifth year the two men have worked together. 
  It is a great reflection on Ted as a golf teacher that he is always
learning and collaborating with the best in the business.  The success of
your students surely is the best measuring stick!

Karen Harrison
Podiatrist and Exercise Scientist
Marketing Manager

Golf BioDynamics

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