Student News


Recent accomplishments of Ted's Students.

Bodi Traks Expert Terry Hashmato with Ted & Mark
Perfecting a Bio Feedback System for Golf in Philadelphia including at Merion Meeting Ted Sheftic and him allowing me to Teach Beside him , then with his son Mark Head of Instruction at Merion, with their membership. Not a dream or my ambition, but one of the greatest experiences I've had in Golf. Ted was like Toski and all the great instructors - which is to say " Real " I believe what I have spent all my life pursuing, which is to make golf accessible has just gotten off to its real start.

Terry Hashmato Bodi Traks Day with Ted & Mark
John Dunnigan was the 1st BodiTrak Customer in the United States - A year later he's ROCK SOLID confident about COP Training and Education. " Just gotta know how to use it Terry ! " John kept on telling me as he worked through his hectic schedule of non stop lessons !