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Email received from Bill Mosser
Mr. Sheftic: I have hit over three hundred balls since the lesson and I have seen more progress in this one lesson that I have seen in a lifetime. I really feel good about where we are going. I forgot to ask how much you charge for a lesson so I need to know as that will determine how soon I can come back and I do want to come back. I think I need to work on my backswing to make it more solid but I will let you decide what I need to do. Well tomorrow I take this swing to the course and I am not expecting miracles but I am sure I will be pleased with my progress: however there is no sense stopping here so let me know the cost and I will then be able to determine when I can come back. I need to continue to have you as my teacher as I know I can make a lot of progress over the next few years. I was seriously thinking about just not playing golf anymore because I was very discouraged about the way I was playing but now I have a real desire to continue to improve and as long as I am with you I will be able to reach my goal. Thanks again for the lesson: This is the best I have felt in years about playing golf.

Bill Mosser  

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