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Great Email from Bill Fries
Ted, Some feedback and a reminder for me: After last week’s lesson, I felt great. I entered our Member-Member 4 Ball Tournament at Hayfield’s. I quickly lost all recollection of our last lesson. I really struggled with every shot. I overanalyzed every shot. I became more and more anxious and did worse. Then I became frustrated and more agitated. Then I remembered Tip/Drill #1: 1. Left foot behind Right foot with Weight on Left Toes. This re-captured the right feeling and reminded me of Tip/Drill #2: 2. Elbows In to Thighs- Load Hard to Right Side-Swing Past Left Side With Left Side Stationery I immediately began to hot every shot exactly how and where I wanted to. We went on to win our Flight and enter the Playoffs. Though we were eliminated on the 2nd playoff hole, we played well in front of a huge crowd. You gave me the tools to do this through your tips, drills, insight, hard work and confidence. This is a long mail and you might not have read this far. I wanted to re-capture the cycle and emotions a struggling player at any level goes through and how to find your way out of the darkness. Thank You, Your Friend and maybe Oldest Student,

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