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Email from Mel Woolf
Just a note to say thanks for giving me my game back. Now
that I am retired, I looked forward to enjoying the game I had when I was
younger. Unfortunately that was not the case. Having been a better player, the
game was now a struggle, bad shots were very bad and very frustrating. I had a
hard time keeping the scores in the low eighties and occasionally would shoot
Ninety. It was very depressing and I seriously thought about giving up the
This is the second season you and I have worked together and
the first where we did so with any regularity. I must say I am sorry to see the
season end here in Pennsylvania. 
Since working with you my enjoyment of the game has returned
and my scores have steadily decreased. My bad shots are not so bad and I make
good shots on a regular basis. It is once again a pleasure to tee it up and
enjoy a round. I am not one who has to shoot a great score to enjoy the
game. This is not to say I don't enjoy scoring well. My last nine
rounds have all been below Eighty and a few are getting close to even
par. Please know you have been a large part of that improvement.
For that I can't thank you enough.
I am looking forward to next season with renewed enthusiasm
and hope we can continue to work together.

Cordially, Mel Woolf


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