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Recent accomplishments of Ted's Students.

Chris Robinson 1st AJGA Event
Chris Robinson 1st AJGA Junior Tournament

Bodi Traks Expert Terry Hashmato with Ted & Mark
Perfecting a Bio Feedback System for Golf in Philadelphia including at Merion Meeting Ted Sheftic and him allowing me to Teach Beside him , then with his son Mark Head of Instruction at Merion, with their membership. Not a dream or my ambition, but one of the greatest experiences I've had in Golf. Ted was like Toski and all the great instructors - which is to say " Real " I believe what I have spent all my life pursuing, which is to make golf accessible has just gotten off to its real start.

Terry Hashmato Bodi Traks Day with Ted & Mark
John Dunnigan was the 1st BodiTrak Customer in the United States - A year later he's ROCK SOLID confident about COP Training and Education. " Just gotta know how to use it Terry ! " John kept on telling me as he worked through his hectic schedule of non stop lessons !

Joe Parinni Invited to Team USA Particpant
Student Joe Parinni invited to join Team USA!!

Email from Tom Hurst
Yesterday was very special for me. Not only did I get an opportunity to spend quality time with my son, but also quality time with a dear friend.

Craig Hornberger named Big South freshman of the week
Thought I would share this link….Craig is getting great grades and his Spring golf season started with a 6th place finish….He was 5 over after 3 rounds and he was 4 over on one hole (took an 8 on a par 4…ouch).

Golf Magazine Top 100 Teachers Summit
Golf Magazine Top 100 Teachers Summit
I just attended the Golf Magazine Top 100 Summit. Over 120 attended. I have never missed a Summit and I had the pleasure of taking my son Mark with me, he also thought the summit was great.

Hornberger finishes 2nd in collegiate debut at Colorado Invite
Craig Hornberger of Campbell University finished as runner-up in his first collegiate tournament following Tuesday's final round of the Mark Simpson Colorado Invitational.

Results from The PGA Cup
Results from The PGA Cup
The members of Team USA gathered around Captain Allen Wronowski Sunday after they retained the Llandudno Trophy when the PGA Cup ended in a 13-13 draw This was My son Mark's 3rd PGA Cup, Mark teamed with Chip Sullivan from Virginia they won 2 points to 1 in the foursome matches, but both lost there single matches. Mark arrived back in Philadelphia on the 23rd. I have attached some pictures for you all to see.