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Email from Tom Hurst

Yesterday was very special for me. Not only did I get an opportunity to spend quality time with my son, but also quality time with a dear friend. After the long ride back home I stopped at BCC to hit balls with the "brand new concept" of swinging a golf club. I'm sure you realize how difficult it must be to make as many dramatic changes that are required after my lesson, especially at my age. I hit 150 balls ------ 10 throwaways------100 of which were  long most of which were straight or a slight draw----- 25 with some left to right but on the face and all on the face (8 iron)-----------My routine was 1. Try to have equal  balance on each foot 2. Open the left hip 3. Take the club back on an inside path (extreme for me) 4. At the top of the backswing CRUSH THE EGG WITH MY LEFT FOOT STRAIGHT DOWN WHILE SWINGING THE SHAFT OUT TO THE RIGHT WITH EXTENDED ARMS WHILE TURNING.   

I was dumbstruck at the results almost immediately--------- 8 irons were going 135 yards -------10 yards past my best swings---- many with draws that I HAVE NEVER HIT IN MY LIFETIME----------------IT WAS BY FAR THE BEST LESSON YOU HAVE EVER GIVEN ME IN TERMS OF INSTANT RESULTS.  I fully realize the danger of ------(I'VE GOT IT)  many hundreds of balls will have to be struck before I can repeat this consistently-------BUT I NOW HAVE SOMETHING TO WORK ON THAT I THINK I CAN ACTUALLY PERFORM PHYSICALLY.     

I SPOKE TO PAT AND HE SAID HE WOULD CALL YOU. Thanks very much for making the putter guide for me and thanks mostly for being my friend.
Tom Hurst

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