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Great Round Mel Woolf
Really sorry to see the season end here in Central
Pennsylvania. I did want you to know that on Tuesday November 11,2014 I
accomplished a goal I didn't think I was capable of. During my league play at
Dauphin Highlands here in Harrisburg, I shot a one under par 71.
A front nine with three birdies yielded a three under 33 and
a back nine with two bogies came to 38. 
In retrospect I must say I need to learn how to stay
aggressive. The back nine was all about playing prevent defense. It doesn't
seem to work in football and it didn't work for me either. I know I am capable
of a better score on that back nine, I have done so before.
All in all quite an accomplishment for me, and most of it is
your fault.

 Thanks,  Mel


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