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Ted Sheftic
Ted Sheftic
Ted Sheftic's Blog

Lauren Parrini Signs with Denison University
Lauren signs with Denison

Email from Craig Seebald
Carla new student at the Pace-Sheftic Golf School

Ted and Harry Brandt at Penn State
Had a great time with Dr Mike Duffy on Friday, working on trying to improve efficiency and produce more power. Had a great day.

Evan Greenplate wins IJGT Tournament
Evan Greenplate ran away with the Boys 14 & Under Division

Golf Schools In Vero Beach
Golf Schools from Vero Beach

Brandon Raihl Email
Brandon first Spring College Tournament

Game's golf all-stars's first-team golf all-stars

Boys' Golfer of the Year 2014 YAIAA golf all-stars

JD Dornes Penn State Finished 3rd
Penn State's JD Dornes

JD Dornes Penn State
JD score 141 to finish tied for 8th place