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Email received from Mike Lowrie
Hi Ted---thanks for your great instruction!  Played the
best golf from a consistency basis this year.  Usually only play 9 holes
(to spare time so I can play regularly)---shot even par yesterday and have done
that multiple times this year.  Shot under par a couple times too. 
And never exceeded +6.  You might like this---a very rare event--a couple
years ago I had my first (and only hole-in-one) while playing with my three
boys-- on Father's Day no less--imagine that!  :)
The take-away drill (with the rod attached to the shaft) and
the lag drill have been wonderful, as have the impact drills.  Please
continue with the mental-game updates---good stuff.  Read all Rotella's
books and they've also been very helpfull
Tx again! 
Hope all is well,

PS--I know you think I've been a difficult student (you
think I don't listen because I ask so many questions), but I revisit the DVDs
and have soaked in everything you've taught!  And I'm loving the
game.  All my boys play (and they get better by the day---my oldest, a D1
baseball player (who had a very good season last year for a team that won 40
games), can shoot in the 70s and my other two can shoot in the 80s and are on
their way to the 70s--and my wife is now beginning to play....loving it!!).

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