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Email received from Richard Riva
Hey Ted this is Richard.  I just played the junior PGA
championship qualifier (36 holes in one day) and posted 73-73.  It was
kind of a boring two round performance though because I hit nearly every green
and two putted.  I had 5 birdies and 1 eagle overall between the two
rounds.  I finished at T6 out of 71 players.  I'd give it a B+.
 If I dropped a few more putts I would have been the 60's but I also
wasn't hitting my approach shots close enough to have consistent, solid looks
at birdie.  My overall shot shape was a little too much of a draw.
 Would be nice to come and dial it down a little.  Maybe Will and I
could come up for a lesson around July 30-August 1.  I have back to
back IJGT's soon, so I'll keep you posted.

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