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Bob Beck Wins Brewer Cup
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Beck holed a 25-yard bunker shot to defeat Lu Lu Country Club’s Christopher Clauson for the Senior title in the event’s 9th edition, presented by Callaway Golf. That astonishing occurrence followed an inconceivable discovery. On No. 1 (par 4, 381 yards), the match’s 19th hole, Beck tugged his drive left, presumably out-of-bounds. After a brief search, observers noticed two golf balls in the fairway — one obviously Clauson’s because of a pure drive; the other, inconceivably so, belonged to Beck.
  “I don’t know what to tell you. I guess it was meant to be,” a stunned and speechless Beck, 56, of Allentown, Pa., said. “I got a gift from the golf gods and made pretty good use of it. I made lemons into lemonade.”
  “I don’t know why, but I’m no longer surprised that happened,” Clauson, 59, of Philadelphia, Pa., said. “I’m using certain breathing techniques to get me back into the moment. The most important is, ‘How do you stay present?’” I was able to that, so in some way it didn’t surprise me what happened. You do whatever it takes to win. In this case, he had an opportunity, stepped up and did it. Hat’s off to him.”
  Prior to the curtain call, Beck, with a yardage of 150 in the No. 1 fairway, debated a 7-iron, but decided on an 8-iron, strong swing included. It tracked toward the flagstick but plummeted into the right greenside bunker. Clauson hit an uphill 7-iron 157 yards to 30 feet left of the hole location. Once both finalists arrived at the green, Beck, expressionless and even-keeled regardless of circumstance, reviewed the slope, stepped into the sand and swung. His golf ball cleared the lip and chased into the cup.
  “I tried to hit it close and win it. I had a decent lie in the trap. I just took a swing at it and it went in,” Beck said.

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